St. Patty's Party

Posted Mar 13, 2020

St. Patrick’s Day is just around the corner! Whether you are Irish or not, who doesn’t love an excuse to get a bunch of friends and family together for a party? I know I do! In order to throw the best party, here are a few of the must-haves you’ll want to include in your St. Patrick’s Day festivities:

  1. St. Patrick’s Day Themed Drinks
  • You can begin the festivities bright and early in the morning with your daily cup of coffee- Add a splash of Bailey’s to your hot cup of joe for a jumpstart to the day of fun. Another Irish favorite is a simple Jameson & Ginger cocktail which can be served on the rocks with a squeeze of lime. Finally, is the infamous green beer. No St. Patrick’s Day party would be complete without having a glass of cold green beer!
  1. St. Patrick’s Day Themed Snacks
  • If you are looking to steer away from the generic, greasy appetizers that are common with parties, this is an option for you- Green veggie skewers. Cut up your fresh cucumbers, green peppers, celery, broccoli and any other green vegetable you can think of. Then, pick up some basic skewers from your local grocery store and stack the veggies onto the skew. You can display these skewers on a St. Patty’s day themed plate along with some veggie dip in a bowl and you are set. It’s really that easy!
  1. St. Patrick’s Day Themed Desserts
  • Did somebody say desserts? Often, if done right, this is the best part about a party! A classic favorite is a green velvet cake. Some make red velvet cake on Valentine’s Day so why not make green velvet cake on St. Patrick’s Day? For this dessert, you just follow your basic red velvet cake recipe but swap out the red food dye for green food dye. Once the cake is baked, coat it with delicious cream cheese frosting and garnish it with green sprinkles, candied shamrocks, or Lucky Charms. If you are feeling extra festive, add all three!
  1. St. Patrick’s Day Themed Party Supplies
  • Okay, so now you have your food and drinks covered, it is time to tackle the supplies. Go to your local store and grab all the green supplies you can get your hands on. You will need everything from green napkins, to green plates, and everything else in between. To add extra festivity to your party, ask your guests to wear something green. Even throwing on a simple green t-shirt will suffice and create a positive atmosphere for your party.

We hope you integrate one of these ideas into your St. Patrick’s Day parties and think of us while you do it! Enjoy your party shenanigans and indulge in a glass of green beer or a special cocktail on us!

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