Beach Bag Must Haves

Posted Jul 08, 2019

It is officially summer and time to hit the beach! Make sure you are prepared for the beach and warm weather by bringing a beach bag along with you. We’ve made a list of the absolute essentials for you to pack. Grab the sunscreen and get out there!

  1. Water -- Make sure to bring lots of water and to stay hydrated! Drinking water often is the best way to beat the heat and    make sure your body stays healthy while playing in the summer sand.
  2. A Cooler – If you’d like to bring lunch or some snacks, make sure to pack a cooler! It is also a nice spot to keep your belongings from being exposed to the sun, like snacks, medications, or your phone.
  3. A Towel – Helpful for drying off, laying on, or wrapping up in after a long day of play!
  4. Sunscreen – If there is one thing you bring to the beach with you, let it be sunscreen. Nothing protects your skin better from the sun AND nourishes skin. Don’t forget sunscreen!
  5. Portable Speaker – If you’re a music fan, a portable speaker is perfect for playing music in the background of your beach day. Make sure it’s charged up before you go.
  6. A Book or Magazine – Read a book or flip through a new magazine when laying on the beach. The ultimate relaxation!
  7. A Hat and Sunglasses – Another few items to protect you from the sun’s harsh rays. Lightweight and stylish can be found even at the beach.

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