Vacation Getaway

Posted Mar 02, 2019

Although vacations are relaxing, planning them can be a hassle. We have some basic tips to give you when you’re planning a vacation, especially since March seems to be a month full of travel with college spring breaks happening across the country, and others looking to escape the cold weather. Whatever your reason, we’re here to help ease the stress of traveling.

  1. Use an app like Hopper to guesstimate the prices of travel in advance of when they’re posted. When booking flights, check with the individual websites for prices, as some don’t post their flights to Expedia/Orbitz etc.
  2. Book each flight separately, as a one-way flight. This often will save you anywhere from $40-80 per flight, versus booking as a round-trip flight. Don’t be afraid to check multiple websites and use different airlines for each flight; just be sure of the baggage policies of each.
  3. Use AirBnB or VRBO instead of hotels when possible, even if it’s just for part of the trip. You’ll save tons and get to experience a new home away from home, often with much more space than what a hotel room provides.
  4. Plan out each day of your trip with what you’ll do. By purchasing tickets for museums, park attractions etc. you’ll often save a little when booking in advance. Be sure not to plan too much in one day though and to have some free time dedicated to lounging on the beach/freely exploring the area.
  5. Buy travel insurance for trips that cost more than what you’re willing to lose without paying for the insurance. If you’re going anywhere overseas this is a good idea, considering flights are often the most expensive part of the trip.
  6. Be strategic in your packing and start your packing list well in advance. Stick to this list and try to bring clothes that you can mix and match, so you can create more outfits with fewer items. Roll your clothes instead of folding them and pack socks and undergarments in shoes to save room.
  7. Take a photo of your luggage, the tag, and also photos of your passport, just in case it gets lost.
  8. Put important and expensive items like electronics, medications, and some small basic toiletries in your carry-on bag; again, just in case your luggage is lost.
  9. Ask locals about the best places to eat and check out. You can do this in advance by befriending local bloggers as well. After all, they live there, so they’ll know best.
  10. Alert your credit/debit card companies that you are travelling in advance, so you don’t run into issues of paying for something because your card has surprisingly been shut off.
  11. Travel safely. Wear sunscreen and bring aloe. It’s never fun to ruin part of your vacay over being too burnt to go outside. Also, bring a small first-aid kit and sewing kit with stain remover for small inevitable accidents.
  12. HAVE FUN!! Go with the flow and enjoy the time you spend simply relaxing – those are often our favorite days of travelling.

We hope this list of travel tips help you during planning a vacation. Most importantly, have fun and document your adventures – wherever they lead you. You never hear anyone complain that they took too many photos while traveling.

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