Get Ready for Game Day

Posted Feb 02, 2019

The biggest Game Day of the year is a fun day for families everywhere. Even if you’re not into football, it’s a day often filled with tons of food and friends. The Super Bowl has taken place since 1967 and has sold out ever since. The televised event is the most watched in the United States and there is also more pizza sold this day than any other day of the year. Despite pizza being awesome, this blog is dedicated to helping you get ready for this day with awesome apps and detailed decorations.

We know it can be tough making food for a large group, but making a self-serve food bar of some sort will help keep the work for you minimal. Try doing a taco or nacho bar, or even a baked potato bar where guests can load up their potatoes as they see fit. People will love the personalization, and picky eaters will be especially pleased.

We think we’re pretty sure everyone loves a good dip, and while everyone’s hanging out and watching the game, it’s great to just snack on chips and crackers with dips of all sorts. It’s much easier than preparing a meal and you can keep it warm (or cool) the whole time so that guests can eat when they want. We’re dying to try this jalapeno popper dip and hot taco dip, but also know you can’t go wrong with a good layered dip – especially a football themed one.

As far as decorations go, you can get pretty creative with these, depending on your budget and the time you have to dedicate towards decorating. Keep it simple with free printable water bottle logos for the kids (and adults if they want) and yellow napkins in a bucket labeled as “penalty flags.” You can turn so many items into footballs like brown solo drinking cups, as well as silverware containers. There are tons of food items you can also do this with like brownies or a cheese ball.

You can’t forget the games! We found some free printables like this generic football bingo card, a Super Bowl trivia game, and a Super Bowl commercial bingo game.

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