Crazy for Pizza

Posted Jan 15, 2019

To celebrate National Pizza Week we gathered some fun facts about pizza as well as some of the best pizza places in the United States. We hope you’ll enjoy some pizza this week – maybe even every day; cause we know how good it is and how many varieties there are to indulge in.

Fun Facts

- The word “pizza” was first documented in 997 AD in parts of Italy.

- The margherita pizza was created in 1889 by Rafaelle Esposito to honor the Queen consort of Italy, Margherita of Savoy. The red       sauce, green basil, and white mozzarella were said to represent the colors of the Italian flag.

- Pizza made its first appearance in the U.S. with Italian immigrants, but was not popularized until after WWII when American troops     took their appreciation for the food back home.

- In 1962, the "Hawaiian" pizza, a pizza topped with pineapple and ham, was invented in Canada.

- In 2012, the world's largest pizza was made in Rome, and was measured to be 1261.65 square meters.

Best Pizza Places in the U.S.

Pizzzeria Lola – Minneapolis, MN

Naked City Pizza Shop – Las Vegas, NV

Pizzeria Luigi – San Diego, CA

Lou Malnati’s – Chicago, IL

Joe Squared Pizza – Balitimore, MD

Post Office Pies – Birmingham, AL

Damgoode Pies – Little Rock, AK

Frank Pepe’s – New Haven, CT

Harry’s Pizzeria – Miami, FL

Antico Pizza – Atlanta, GA

Gusto Pizza Co. – Des Moines, IA

Wichita Pizza Co. – Wichita, KS

Otto Pizza – Portland, ME

Buddy’s Pizza – Detroit, MI

Roberta’s – Brooklyn, NY

Pizza Brain – Philadelphia, PA

Al Forno – Providence, RI

The Pie – Salt Lake City, UT

Pies & Pints – Charleston, WV

These are just some of the best pizza places in the United States, but we know there’s SO many more! Use our recipe paper to write down your favorite homemade pizza recipes and comment below to let us know your favorite pizza place and where it’s at!

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