Black Friday Tips

Posted Nov 13, 2018

  1. Use for discounted gift cards before you start any shopping. This is one of the best secrets to save up to 30% off and all gift cards are covered under a 1-year-warranty.
  2. Sign up for emails with the stores you love. Yes, we all know junk mail can be a pain to go through, but you can always unsubscribe after Black Friday. Just be sure to sign up far enough in advance to make sure you’re hearing about all of the pre-sales.
  3. Shop with a partner or two. This makes the shopping more fun, but also easier as you can both be in different places to get a variety of items at once. One person can also wait in line as the other is still shopping too.
  4. Plan your shopping trip. This will help you prioritize the things you really want and save you time and the headache of store hopping when the store might not have anything you really want or need.
  5. Shop for other holidays and events. Look ahead on your calendar. Any upcoming birthdays or weddings you could shop for now and save big? Don’t forget the gift receipts for these ones!
  6. Use reusable shopping bags instead of a cart. This will save you the time and hassle of trying to squeeze through the crowds and maneuver a heavy cart you probably don’t need.
  7. Visit to scope out deals. Do this well in advance to know which retailers have deals on the brands and items you want. This website also has ads for all of the popular stores you know and love.
  8. Use social media to save more. Sometimes retailers offer special discounts on their pages to those following during Black Friday. It’s also a great way to hear about deals that may have not been advertised well elsewhere.
  9. Look ahead to see when to shop. Sometimes Black Friday deals aren’t the best. It might be a better deal to either shop earlier on Wednesday when some of the same (or better) deals are offered or later on Cyber Monday (saving you the hassle of leaving home).
  10. Research store hours. Some stores are opened Thanksgiving Day, while others not until midnight or even in the early morning on Friday. Call ahead to make sure you’re aware of the hours, as the website will most likely not list these special holiday hours.

We hope these tips help make your Black Friday shopping experience fun and easy this year! Check out our checklist paper, which can be featured in any notebook, to help plan your shopping this holiday.

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