Crock Pot Favorites

Posted Nov 10, 2018

It’s that time of year again, where the weather gets chilly and coming home to a crock pot of hot soup sounds absolutely perfect! We’re huge fans of the Crock Pot with the ease of making dinner and wanted to share some of the love with our customers by giving you our favorite soup recipes. Give these a try and let us know how they turned out!

1.  Chicken Tortilla 

This is seriously the easiest soup there is, and not a ton of ingredients, although you can definitely add your own twist with more! The best part about this soup is that no matter what amounts you make it with, it always turns out great. We’ll give you a general recipe to follow, but feel free to adapt as you’d like and need.

2 medium sized chicken breasts

1 package frozen corn

1 can of black beans drained

1 packet of taco seasoning

1 can of chunky salsa

5 cups of chicken broth

1/2 small red onion chopped

& fresh cilantro chopped for garnish

Add all ingredients in crock pot and cook on low for 8 hours or high for 3-4. Take out chicken to shred (should easily pull apart when it is done) and return to pot. Serve with shredded cheese, sour cream, and tortilla chips.

2.  Creamy White Chicken Chili

This is soon to be a hearty family favorite! Again, super easy, as the Crock Pot does the work for you while you’re out and about during the day. You deserve to come home to this creamy chicken-y goodness!

1 pound of chicken breast

1 yellow onion chopped

2 cloves garlic minced

24 oz chicken broth

2 cans Great Northern beans drained

2 4 oz cans of diced green chiles (1 hot, 1 mild is what we do)

1 can corn drained

1 tsp cumin

¾ tsp regano

½ tsp chili powder

¼ tsp cayenne pepper

4 oz reduced fat cream cheese softened

¼ cup half and half

& small handful of fresh cilantro

Add chicken and seasoning to bottom of crock pot. Top with all remaining ingredients and stir. Let the soup cook on low for 8 hours or 3-4 hours on high. Serve with sliced jalapenos, sliced avocado, shredded cheese, sour cream, and tortilla chips.

3.  Zuppa Toscana

This is our take on a classic Olive Garden favorite. But we think this one’s better, plus it’s much less expensive and you can eat it at home in your pjs! You’ll want to make a big batch of this once you’ve had a taste! Don’t forget the breadsticks for dipping!

1 pound Italian sausage (hot or mild)

1 bag Simply Potatoes diced potatoes and onions (or substitute with 1 chopped onion and peeled and cubed Russet potatoes)

2 large cloves garlic minced

½ bunch of kale (a few handfuls) stemmed and torn into bite sized pieces

32 oz chicken stock

1 cup heavy cream

2 tbsp flour

Salt & pepper to taste

Brown sausage with garlic, then add to bottom of crock pot. Add bag of potatoes and onions. Add chicken stock (and water if necessary) to cover potatoes and sausage. Cook on low for 5-6 or high for 4. Whisk together heavy cream and flour, add to crock pot, along with kale. Cook for an additional 30 minutes until thickened.

We hope you’ll love these soup recipes as much as we do! We’re all about the experimenting here at Gotcha Covered, so please feel free to adapt and add new ingredients, but just be sure to send us pics and let us know how yummy it turned out. Our recipe paper is the perfect paper to write down all your new favorite recipes! (& if you experiment with Pinterest recipes, this paper type notebook is a must have!)

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