A Safe Halloween

Posted Oct 22, 2018

Normally, when we think of Halloween, we don’t tend to think of this time of year being particularly safe or healthy, but despite the possible dangers of trick or treating and the endless amounts of candy given out, we’re offering up some tips to keep your kiddos safe and be a little healthier by offering alternatives to candy. If you’re adamant about the healthy part, spread the word to your neighbors and share some healthy alternatives to candy with them.

1.   Have an adult supervise the trick or treating or, if kids are older, make sure they’re traveling in groups and use the buddy system

Map out a trick or treating route ahead of time before it gets dark out

Decide on a time when your kids will start and finish trick or treating

Bring a flashlight and watch or phone to tell the time

Use sidewalks and crosswalks whenever possible

Use reflective tape on dark costumes to make sure drivers see you

Make sure costumes are comfortable and appropriate for the weather

Never enter homes and only visit well-lit houses

Have a parent or adult check through all candy before it is eaten

Dispose of anything that is homemade, missing a wrapper,  looks like it has been tampered with, or that your child does not like

Make sure kids have a clear pathway to your house that is free from candles and anything that kids might trip over, if you’re offering candy.

Offer alternatives to candy like juice boxes, packaged snacks like animal crackers, mini boxes of cereal, or even stickers, small toys, or toothbrushes.

Monitor candy amounts eaten and tooth brushing habits the night of and until candy is gone

We hope these tips offer you a safe and health(ier) Halloween with your kids this year. Comment and let us know the things you do to make sure your kids stay safe and healthy during this fun and exciting time of year! Also, don’t forget to check out our Halloween notebooks which are on sale through the end of this month.

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